John de Neufville

John de Neufville, a real estate investor with a passion for renovating homes, is perhaps most well known for his extraordinary ability to transform historic houses into beautiful, highly sought-after homes. His interest in architecture stems from his familial connections – his mother grew up in New Orleans and had a long-time affection for older homes. 

John de Neufville has worked on several notable projects – including an 1885 Victorian home in San Francisco, an 1870s Manhattan Federal townhouse, and an 1840 Greek Revival house in Sag Harbor. In 2002, he purchased a seven-apartment building south of New York City’s Meatpacking District, later turning it into a twenty million dollar single-family home with an incredible view of the High Line elevated park in 2012. 

Recently – a 1920s era Spanish Colonial home in Santa Monica. 

After searching the area for the right place to relocate with his family, when he and his wife, Allison de Neufville, laid eyes on the home, they knew they wanted to transform it, despite its run-down condition.

Originally designed by John Byers, a Los Angeles architect, the house was created for actor Leo Carrillo and is highly known by the Santa Monica Conservancy’s landmark commission. When John de Neufville and his wife knew they wanted to take on the rehab project, their sites were originally set on restoring the four fireplaces on the property. However, the project quickly became a full rehab project, paying special care and attention to the historical preservation of Byer’s original design. 

Through the immaculate attention to detail and careful preservation of 1920s architecture, it seems that John de Neufville and his family have created a home for themselves, sure to see years of good memories.